Decisions ne’er to be made

In my last post, I took a stand. I was going to choose 17 books I absolutely had to — HAD TO — read in the next little while (weeks? months? years? … I don’t know, I didn’t get that far.).

I think I chose four and then succumbed to that great muddler, Indecision.

I am basically one of the most indecisive people I know.

Sometimes it’s because things don’t really matter. Does it really matter if we meet at the Starbucks near my house or yours? Does it really matter what’s on my pizza (so long as there’s no green peppers)? Does it really matter if we go to the bank then the library then the mall, or should we go bank-mall-library? It doesn’t!

Other times, it’s because I want it all. The reason I have to order last in a restaurant? Because it is so darned difficult to just pick one dinner from a menu — it all just sounds so tasty. My shopping problem? Honestly, I don’t know why I should have to decide on a wash when it comes to jeans — I should probably buy them all. That library rule I referenced in my last post (url), the one where I was only allowed a maximum of ten books at a time? That was because I wanted ALL THE BOOKS. Seriously. I currently have 16 items on loan from my public library. Please don’t tell my dad.

At the age of eleven, I knew I couldn’t decide on any less than 30 books. At age 35, I seem to think that 17 is an appropriate number … and yet I can’t decide which 17 they should be. So, Gentle Reader, I chose 42 books randomly from The Big List (in general, ones that have been there for years) and you can make a decision for me by selecting 17 of these.

If only life were this simple.


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